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the acronyms???


What do you mean by ARV, ART, VL, and some the others and when you say numbers what means good and what's bad

ARV - antiretroviral (aka the meds)
ART - antiretroviral therapy (aka taking the meds)
HAART -Highly active antiretroviral therapy (aka more words for taking the meds)
VL - viral load

so if you are on an ART plan, you would take ARVs to have a LOW VL (viral load), so low that it is UD (undetectable) allowing your immune system to recover shown by a rising CD4 (aka helper t-cells) count.

PrEP - pre exposure prophylaxis (aka taking meds before being exposed to HIV in the hopes that it will prevent infection)
PEP - post exposure prophylaxis (aka taking meds immediately after being exposed to HIV in the hopes that it will prevent infection)

PCP - Pneumocystis pneumonia (sadly not the drug :D but a very life-threatening OI (see next entry). PCP was misidentified as Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia; but is actually Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia)
OI - opportunistic infections (if your cd4s are <200, you have AIDS and are susceptible to having these kinds of infections/illnesses because you have next to no immune system to fight off these very serious problems)

AMG - AIDSmeds Gathering (aka an annual informal get-together of the POZ forums for a vacation. Some yrs a lot of people; some years there are smaller groups - but wonderfully fun and a great way to actually meet people from online)


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