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Mouth Sores

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Has anybody expirenced sores in the mouth as a side effect?  Have had a problem with them for the past 3 months.
   Currently on Truvada & Reyataz!  Have been on them both for about 6 years and has not been a problem like this.  My lab's are always good.  vl <20  cd4 1200
   I know the Reyataz does list it as a possible side effect.
Was just wondering if anyone else has expirenced this or had any advice about it.

If you are getting sores on the inside of your mouth...(Ulcers/Canker sores)...
I recommend trying "Canker Rid"...You can get it from Amazon or Durham's Bee Farm website..

This product will shorten the life of the sore and if you apply it at the first sign/tingling of one can stop it from forming into a full canker sore.  The product has been a life saver for me as canker sores can make it very difficult to eat and go throughout the day.  This product forms a protective seal over it and allows it to heal much faster and stop 95% of the pain from them. 

If its a sore on your lips and not on the inside of your mouth those are a form of Herpes and are not canker sores, those are cold sores and require a different product to heal them...something like Abreva to shorten the time you have them.  Abreva you can get at the local drug store OTC but the "Canker Rid" you can only find online.

Thats my 2 cents on mouth sores.

GoForIt     Thanks for the info!  I have ordered the canker Rid.  Hope it works.

Hope it works for you.  When you get it, just saturate a q-tip with about 4-5 drops so its a little wet over a running sink so that any drops that dont hit the q-tip land in the water and go down the drain (this stuff will stick to your sink if you don't do it over the water.)

Make sure your mouth/sore is dry and not wet (so that this stuff sticks easier) and apply the saturated q-tip to the sore...hold it there for 20-30 seconds.  Let it tingle and have a little burning sensation (generally not painful unless you have a very big sore...)  The burning will subside in 5-10 seconds and then you should feel a lot of relief as it coats and protects it.

Little sores need the stuff applied maybe once/twice a day...but the big sores might need it applied a few times a day.  (I once had a huge sore and it wouldn't go away for 2 weeks and this stuff saved me from so much pain and I could eat again as long as I applied it.)

If you do get any of it on your sink you will find water doesn't take it off very easily as its so sticky.  The easiest way to take it off is using something like 90% rubbing alcohol which will take it off easily from a counter top.  Just don't let it sit there dried up on the counter for a while because some say it can stain.  But I found that a little paper towel with some rubbing alcohol on it will wipe it right off.

The stuff really works for me.  Way more then ambesol or any of the other products doctors were recommending.  Pretty crazy how you can't pick this stuff up at a local pharmacy or store when it works so well.

In 2009 I got really sick and my t-cells dropped down into the double digits, that time I had a horrible case of thrust, the emergency room doctor prescribed these medicated lozenges that cleared up all the sores in my mouth & upper throat with-in a couple of days. I wish I could remember what they were called but they looked almost like Rolaids.


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