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We are all people who just have a sickness


Hi friends,

The point of this post is to say I'm HIV- however I'm someone living with rheumatoid arthritis. Both deal with our immune system, both take medication to help, both have ugly side effects. This is not to offend anyone but to say we have a lot of similarities. The people I've had the pleasure of reading their posts, have made me completely change my thinking in terms of HIV. Life is what we all choose to make of it, regardless of the sickness we are dealing with. To be honest I was afraid of HIV until it hit home, many people know my story but I'm so thankful of the people here who helped me wake up that HIV is merely a sickness that can be controlled. However I know that no one would wish it upon anyone. I don't wish Rheumatoid arthritis on anyone either... Have needles placed under your knee caps to replace a synthetic synovial fluid sucks, and I wouldn't want that for anyone either. I consider the regular members in this forum my friends, and they've helped me in words I can't describe.

Your equal in friendship,


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