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Viral load climbing and our Clinic is closing for good.

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Latest GenoSure 2/27/13 Update.
Mutations are as follows


NRTI Resistant to

Zidovudine(Retrovir)He has been taking this since 2010

NNRTI Resistant to

PI resistance
Today is day 6 of Truvada and Isentress(Isentress was started a year ago)
His viral load began to rise in labwork done in november.And in this lates lab work it had risen to 7950.
I hope this combo helps him go undetectable and brings his appetite back.
He has went to the same clinic since 2004 and in all that time we had never met his doctor until I asked to visit with him.I told him of my concerns with the azt being in the mix and asked if there would be something else my husband could try.I asked him about Truvada since my husband also had Hep.B in the late 70's.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the strong and mighty warriors and friends that you are to me

The truvada added into his isentress brought his viral load down to undetectable in april for the first time in several years.Last weeks results viral load up to 1700 and cd4 dawn from 1000 to 890.He has many resistance issues and today we found out our clinic will be closing for good because of lack of funding.Anyone here have any drug comcos that maybe we can try I don't know how long it will take to get set up with who ever contracts with the state.Thank you everyone.We are in the Wichita falls Texas area.It is the early prevention clinic that is closing.

I think it's hard for someone to recommend a drug combo via the Internet without knowing you the whole person and the issues you have experienced.  The fact that your husband has been on AZT since 2010 (of which he has resistance to) and the fact that you have actually never even seen your doctor on person since 2004 tells me that your not receiving very good medical care. 

I had to google map your location and it looks like your not that far from Dallas.  Is it possible for you to drive to Dallas to get your care?  There are several members here from Dallas and I am sure someone can recommend a good HIV clinic that may take your insurance or state assistance that you have.  Good luck.

Thank you buginme2.No he has not recieved very good care at all.Remote area.No insurance so you know the story.I was told last spring by the clinic we attend that my husband had to be seen in this region because Dallas served a different region.Maybe now that will all change since the Wichita Falls clinic is closing.Case worked told me on the phone that they are trying to get a local Dr. to contract for the hiv care.Thank You so much.

By caseworker, do you mean a case manager at an ASO?  It would seem the caseworker there would be able to figure out where to send your husband until a doctor can be contracted.  I am a case manager at an ASO and our clients can see a doctor anywhere in the state and still be covered by the insurance we assist people with getting on. 

What are your finances looking like?  Do you make too much money for state assistance/ADAP?  When you say "My husband has to be seen in this region," are you talking because of insurance? 

Try this link:

Thank You.It is the Wichita Falls Public Health Clinic that is on the link you posted that is closing due to funding issues.My husband is on state medicaid.He has no insurance and is not able to work.


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