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switching from isentress+truvada to atripla

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Hey guys,
I am going to switch from isentress & truvada to atripla in a couple of days and i was wondering if there's anything important about how to make the switch. My truvada runs out one day before the isentress. Is it a good idea to start atripla after my truvada supply has run out and still continue taking the isentress which would mean i'd be taking atripla and isentress at the same time for one day? I don't wanna give HIV the chance to replicate during the switch.

Also, my doc said resistance test only works when the VL is above 2,000 or 3,000. Is that true?

Thank you!

Jeff G:
You wont have resistance to worry about in this situation . Just make the switch the day the Isentress runs out and keep it simple . 

Good luck.  why do you want to switch to Atripla, most folks do the opposite because the CNS issues with Atripla.  I was happy to get off of it myself.

Switching from Atripla to TRUVAD NORVIR &REYATAZ starting next really worried about side effects.Im scarred.what should I expect?????does anyone know?????please give me some worried...

I'm switching to Atripla because it's just one pill a day and that's way more convenient for me. I will just have to see if or what side effects it comes along with.


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