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--- Quote from: TheRoof on September 05, 2013, 02:16:31 AM ---Greetings,

I am currently not on any medication whatsoever... I have had this disease for five years marking the anniversary tomorrow. The first 1 1/2 years living with this disease was relatively easy, it may be my own personal justification or rational attitude towards "life", but I have been feeling more tired than usual.

I run three miles every day & on days that I do not run I bike around the city for 3-4 miles. In other words I take care of myself and try to stay in shape. With that said it is difficult for me to concentrate. When I work or study it is difficult for me to get "in the zone." It is form of malaise, fatigue, burnout like sympthoms. I am pretty introverted and tend to internalize everything. I do not know how to relax.

I have taken adderal before just for college study from my doctor and while it does activate your prefrontal-cortex I made the decision not be on any medication at this current time. What are some pointers in context of nutrition (diet), strategy/tactic, that can enhance my way of living so I can become a productive, useful human capital asset in this demanding society.

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I have had the same symptoms for years. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with PTSD. I just do not give a crap about anything and feel kind of spaced out all the time like I am in shock or stunned.

I would talk to your ID Doctor about your feelings, it could be the start of depression ? or you could have sleep Apnea ?
Could be your immune system fighting HIV infection ?
I tried Acupuncture that was very relaxing if only for a short time.


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