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Hi Waisland:

Welcome -
As others have said, sorry that you had reason to find us (a/k/a positive diagnosis), but glad that you did...

Tons of support here -
We are a very eclectic family..... and function just as dysfunctionally as most  ;D

I live in North Miami and work downtown Miami...
Been diagnosed for 5 years (9/13/08)

Currently on Atripla - been on it since about a year and 1/2 after diagnosis.

Get my medical care at University of Miami outpatient clinic - downtown... Have a great ID doctor who understands me and lets me vent when I need to (and threaten to fire her every now and then - LOL)....

Once you have posted three times, you should be able to send private messages - so feel free to send me one and perhaps we can get together for a bite to eat....

My partner is also positive - he is a LTS (he was diagnosed around 1991).... we have been together (on and off - fortunately more on these days than off) for 10 years this November....

And, you may have seen in another post, my brother was HIV+ (unfortunately, he chose to keep it a secret from everyone, including me) and passed away just about 4 months ago of AIDS related complications (a/k/a a shitload of OIs that tore him apart).... Still grieving his passing and wishing that the outcome would have been different... but learning from it, just the same....

Anyway, once again - WELCOME.... Kick back, enjoy, participate, and most importantly LIVE!!


Welcome to the forums.  As we always say, sorry you had to find us, but glad you did.  I admire how you just told everyone right away. 

I don't have any friends here, who are poz.  I know of some people, but we aren't close friends.  There is one member here, who I knew years ago.  He hasn't posted in probably two years.  I don't even see him posting on Facebook anymore, so I've been wondering how he's doing.

I love the Miami area.  We plan to make it back there around the holidays.  I am also glad your family has been so supportive and have gone to doc appointments with you.  I wish everyone had families like that. 

Keep in touch.


Thanks for the welcome, everyone.  And yes phild!  I'll PM you once I post once more.


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