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Disguising pill boxes

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I am about to travel abroad with my family, but they don't know about my HIV status.
I take 2 pills a day (truvada + stocrin), and I wanted to ask if I can put my med pills into , lets say, a vitamin pill box so it wont look suspicious.

anyone got exp with this? thanks a lot.

Well if you do that and they check your pills -- which is unlikely -- you might have a lot more explaining to do as to what those drugs are and why you're sneaking them into wherever you're going.

I'd say it's safer and less conspicuous to just take them with you in their original packaging and a prescription or doctor's note.  That way you can quickly explain it away if you're searched in customs, hopefully without going into details about it. 

Depends where you are travelling from, and where too.
I have travelled around North America and Europe a few times with people who don't know my status and did just throw the pills in other pill bottles.
For that matter, in 25 years of travelling, I've NEVER had a suitcase inspected going through customs anywhere, on arrival. 
Ive heard this recommendation about carrying pills in original bottles. I carry the prescriptions. I figure if there ever were questions, i would just tell them what the pills are and show them the prescription. Plus I have the prescription in case I lose my pills and need to get an emergency supply. 
Medicine bottles don't come with the patients names on them in many countries, anyhow, so this whole idea that your name has to be on the bottle is US-centric.

Of course now we open everything in carryon, before getting into a plane.

I would suggest buying a large bottle of multivitamins.  Throwing some out, putting your prescription meds in the bottom and filling the top back with the vitamins.  Do what you have to do, but also take the paper from the  prescription refill with you and hide it somewhere in case you do have to present it.

I really suggest not.

Travelling over international borders: meds in original bottles in your hand luggage, prescription or doc's letter if you think you need this. Otherwise the meds are unidentified drugs if you are searched and you will be detained.

I travel with my family often. They never go through my bag.

- matt


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