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Cannabis and hiv

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Medical weed in the south? yup, it seems that Florida will legalize it...
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy,  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D...

weed makes me horny

I like it. It seems to help me to de-stress myself and see things in a different way. I am not keen on inhaling the smoke because it has a lot of tar in it but the edibles I tried were WAY too strong for me... I had trouble forming sentences!! It makes me horny sometimes too.

the choicest flowers are in, fine as wine smells just like summertime

i agree with 9lives, at the end of the day, i consume because it dissolves stress. any other benefit is welcomed, but thats not the primary reason i smoke. for awhile, everything is a little more gentle, it all just goes away, aids isn't such a big deal, legs don't really hurt that bad, i can hear billy laughing again, i walk a little further with bijou

but i may never backpack again, so i smoke another bowl to digest that reality. but not so much i fall down again

I would say cannabis is actually beneficial for sufferers of HIV for a multitude of reasons:

1. THC and certain cannabanoids are highly anti-inflammatory.
2. Cannabis can help increase appetite for those suffering from weight loss.
3. Cannabis can be very good in treating depression and anxiety.
4. Cannabis (in particular the Indica strains) can help with sleep/insomnia.

Like with everything, moderation is the key. In one study, they proved that there was no diminished lung function from those that smoked 1 joint a day for 10 years, but there was very evident deterioration of lung function from those that smoked tobacco.

I would highly advise using a vapourizer. I recently purchased one last month and now I have a vape before I go to sleep to help with my chronic insomnia. It has changed my life. I no longer need to worry about any damage to my lungs. Occasionally, usually once or twice a week, i'll smoke a joint instead, but strictly pure without any tobacco.

So like with everything in life, moderation is key. If it is interfering with your every day life and you are smoking it regularly throughout the day, then it becomes a problem. But I have found it to help with my mood, my perspective on life and my energy levels. Cannabis has extremely good medicinal qualities so don't be put off.



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