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Cannabis and hiv

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Is there any benefit in taking cannabis when I am poz? Seems to me that cannabis helps in other illnesses....

It can be used to lessen/ease certain conditions associated with an HIV infection.  My doctor actually recommended way back when because I felt too sick to eat most of the time.

But in general. just being positive and using it is simply recreational.


Follow-up Q:

Is it better to smoke it or add this on food (like space cakes)?

People are also talking about the effects of cannabis oil. I would like to consider that too.

respiratory issues are certainly a concern with us. after two bouts of pneumonia, my doctor knows i smoke but wants me to find a different method.

ingesting it can be more intense than expected even for seasoned smokers

pretty much all of the alternatives are refined and much more potent than raw plant

vaporize, wax dabble, cooking butter, extracts... proceed and be bold, but stay cautious

Aside from helping to improve appetite, Cannabis also has anti-inflammatory properties.  Underlying inflammatory problems can inhibit CD4 recovery.  If you have chronic pain that is not easily relieved by other medications, it's worth trying if it improves your quality of life.  If you are concerned about the effects smoking cannabis has on the lungs, then try edibles.


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