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Hi guys

I need some advice from anyone thats +ve and is in a relationship with a partner thats -ve? i just started dating this guy and was quite honest about my status, he was quite calm about my status and is willing to give the relationship a try but he's quite confused about how to handle me without putting himself at risk when it comes to sexual intercourse anyone in the same situation that can give some advce:)


My $1.50 would be to give him time. Sex is sometimes a sticky subject. Explain to him that with safe sex, he should be fine. Condom with intercourse. No oral while bleeding or either of you having sores in the mouth. A good rule of thumb is to not do any of that after brushing your teeth or drinking overly hot liquid for at least an hour (just as a precaution). Oral is minimal risk, but rather be safe than sorry. There's aways oral with a flavored condom. Also, don't push sex. I had to learn that one the hard way. Focus on getting to know him, and let the sex happen on its own.

That would be my advice.


As someone who got this via unprotected oral sex I would say proceed with caution in that department. The literature says it's a 1 in 10,000 chance. Either I'm horribly unlucky or these statistics aren't wholly accurate. I think your VL level makes a difference also.


Three long-term serodiscordant studies which followed couples for ten, five, and three years found zero new infections so long as condoms were worn for vaginal and anal sex.

I've been with a negative guy for about 4 years.  Just read the lessons on transmission, or at least get your buddy to read up on it.  Safer sex helps in preventing transmission.


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