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Former Heavyweight Champ and AIDS Denialist Dead at 44



Here's a well written story on him from a few years ago.

Deny it and DIE...Accept it, treat it and LIVE. It's that simple...

Even though he was a denialist, I still feel bad for the guy.

I think part of his denialism was due to the fact that he couldn't deal with the stygmatism and being cast out of his profession due to HIV.  So he created a fantasy that let him believe it was all a conspiracy with tragic consequences.


I didn't realize until I read the local paper that he's from Jay, Oklahoma - just about 90 miles away.

I have been involved in boxing for over 46 yrs and can honestly say that Tommy was a class act, All of his legal problems were a result of his HIV diagnosis, He just couldn't deal with the reality of it all. Tommy was set to make millions with a Mike Tyson fight before the HIV Diagnosis and then it was all gone as a result of his poor choices of unprotected sex, So his living in denial was his choice and he paid the ultimate price for it .   RIP Tommy The DUKE Morrison.


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