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A friend of mine who lives in Ghana tells me that his grandfather, a traditional healer, has an herbal "cure" for HIV.  He says it works.  Obviously I am skeptical and I know the answer that only western medication has a treatment for HIV but i am struggling with that.  Why do we only trust western medication?  What about African traditional healing, Ayurvedic treatments and TCM? 

Any thoughts?  My goal is to prolong the time at which I must begin filling my body with HIV drugs 

At last count my VL was down to 58 with a CD4 count of 700.

Thanks for any input.

Jeff G:
People who make false cure claims are motivated by greed usually and it one of the most loathsome scams in existence . 

Traditional Chinese Medicines could possibly work if you have a headache or an upset stomach, but as far as curing HIV then I suggest you take on board what Jeff has just said, as sad as it is there are some who will let people die if it meant them making a few bucks.

Renown scientists have been trying for years and have come up with nothing, so I'm guessing a little old man digging up weeds from the garden is not going to find the cure (no offence or disrespect to your beliefs in traditional medicines).

If you are HIV positive and it's time to take meds then please listen to your Doctors and start them when you need to, we have lost too many people to this virus because they have been persuaded to hold off and try alternative medicines, or have simply been told Western Meds don't work, trust us they do.



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