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6 months now - and finally I took the step to create a profile

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Nic, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis and illnesses, but glad you found this site.  As you've already discovered, it is a great place for info and community.

Wishing you all the best, as you recover and process all this.  Keep in touch.


Welcome to the forums!

Good luck and keep us posted on how you're doing. There are probably lurkers (and non-lurkers) who will benefit from hearing your experience too.

Hi Nic,

Welcome to the forum.

I have similar story and numbers, so I think u feel same me - just wants to get better.
See an increase in CD4, and to finnish with the TB med.

Are u on bactrim, because Im not - I get severe sideeffects from that.
If U are dansih, what hospital are helping U ? The reason I ask, is I had a lot of problems with less than perfect attention in the beginning.

All the best to U, and since I beleive u are danish - I will also say GOD BEDRING :)



Thank you very much for the warm welcome, I know I will get better, and I am getting the best help from the hospital, better than I ever expected. But of course there are still a ton of questions they can not help me with, because they "only" studied the disease, and not have to live with it. And here I hope this forum can help me, and of course where my experience with my situation can help others.

I am not getting a med called Bactrim, but I am getting something similar, as an antibiotic until my cd4 is above 200.


And ps to Peter TAK OG I LIGE MÅDE  :)

I think the lung cyst was a blessing in disguise. Now you can live you life to the full and  be in control of your health opposed to finding out years later when to much damage has been done. I hope you are feeling better :) x


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