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Not getting enough food

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Thanks Jeff. I did speak with my nurse yesterday and she suggested Ensure. So I'm trying that but just don't feel like I'm getting enough. But maybe I am.  I can stomach yogurt too. And my therapist started me on anxiety meds as of yesterday. So hoefully it helps. I guess I was hoping for an over night fix but it will take time. I know I'm also dealing with some depression.. We had a miscarraige 2 months ago. Therapist says my hormones are contributing to things. And I have this massive feeling of lonliness.

Jeff G:
I hope it helps a little bit , you always have us . Once in the 90's I was on a some meds that even thinking about food made me barf . A friend brought me a sack full of canned food and I peeked into the bag at the soup labels and ran to be sick LOL . I do understand .

I found I could eat rice and bananas first , then to my shock a chili dog sounded good and I could eat that . I'm not kidding , I found that chili dogs were tolerable of all things .

You have been through a lot and I can promise you things do improve if you keep trying and keep coming back to ask for help . When I first landed here on this forum things were bad for me again and I was recovering from drug addiction , the days I felt like giving up or giving in is when I reached out for the support and it saw me through to better days .

You can always find someone of your choosing to talk to here and I'm betting they wont let you down . I'm always a pm away . Get some rest and keep us updated . 


When I was going through the wasting syndrome in the early 90's, I found Boost to taste better than Ensure.  Don't know if you may want to try that.  As Jeff said, keep reaching out here. 

Good news! I was able to sip on Ensure and water all day yesterday and by the evening was feeling a little better. I was able to eat some grapes and even a half a bowl of soup without difficulty. Even a handful of almonds before bed. Felt so much better. Got a little sick over the night but ill take it. Wasn't bad and probably just from all the meds I've had to start recently. We will see how today goes!

Jeff G:
That is a good update ! . If you continue to eat with your meds you will soon see a vast improvement in your symptoms .


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