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Not getting enough food

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I'm wondering if this isn't more of a psychological issues rather than physical?  Please don't take this as a judgmental thing as I recognize some of the "catch phrases" you state.  Some grapes, yogurt, 1/2 bowl of soup?   ;)  I've only recently started dealing with my own issues in regards to food.

This will sound morbid, but my AIDS diagnosis allowed me to finally starve myself to extreme since I had justification.  Not realizing the damage it was doing to my system. 

If I'm way off base, please forgive me.  But if I'm even remotely close, please consider addressing it.  You can feel free to PM if you wish to address this in private. 



Oh I'm dealing with ALOT of psychological issues in which I am under the care of a therapist and a counselor. But I'm getting through it day by day.

I meant a psychiatrist and a counselor.


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