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Not getting enough food

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I'm in my first week of treatment. I'm on Stribild. I am having an extremely hard time eating. And I know that is behind feeling like crap. I am basically surviving off yogurt and ensures. Do any of you have advise? I have absolutely no energy either.

Jeff G:
Im sorry to hear you are having such difficulty , you are right that nutrition plays a key role in with most of the meds we take .

Can you elaborate ? . Is it nausea or what specifically is it that's keeping you from eating ?.


It would help to know what your numbers are like. From what you describe about eating in your other thread, it sounds like esophageal thrush is a possibility. Have you spoken to your doctor about your eating difficulties?

It's lack of appetite. And when I do eat or drink a little I feel like I'm going to vomit.. I don't but I feel like I am. Right now.. everytime my tummy settles a little im taking a few sips of ensure and water. My numbers are bad... VL 3.5million and my CD4 34.

Jeff G:
From reading your other post and this one it clear you are under lots of stress and anxiety , it may be if you talk with your doctors again that can make a plan to treat some of the underlying factors that's effecting your appetite .

I was once on meds that made eating a challenge to me and I lost allot a weight , it was alarming . I found foods that I could tolerate and ate many little meals at a time until things settled down for me . Things will get better and you are doing the right thing by asking for help and feedback , I urge you to call your doctor if you haven't already and let them know you are struggling . In the mean time please keep coming here to vent and know that you are not alone .   


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