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The Thomas O Cash HIV/AIDS Walk 9/7/2013 Nashua, New Hampshire



Please help me help others!  I will be walking during this event.

Some may ask who is Thomas O. Cash? Thomas was a client and volunteer at the Southern New Hampshire HIV/AIDS Task Force. In 2006 he was awarded the Task Force's Volunteer of the Year Award. His last walk that he participated in was on September 15, 2007. It was a raining wet day, however that did not stop his mother, sister and himself to come out and do the walk. Thomas was very ill and in a wheel chair at the time. On November 1, 2007 Thomas passed away from AIDS related complications and liver failure. In 2008 the walk was renamed in his honor.

Some may ask what does your donation to the Southern New Hampshire HIV/AIDS Task Force help with?

Some may ask what does your donation help with?

The Southern NH HIV/AIDS Task Force responds quickly and effectively to New Hampshire families living with HIV/AIDS and helps to resolve the ongoing struggles these community members face every day — replacing homelessness, poverty, addiction, mental illness, hunger, unemployment and disease with hope for the future.

You can help provide a wide range of programs in New Hampshire that can make a difference for HIV-positive adults, children, and families in need. Each year, your donations provide:

-Emergency housing and utility assistance to more than 25 HIV-positive individuals and families in Southern NH at risk of homelessness, including those at risk of foreclosure due to debilitating factors related to their HIV status, through a collaboration with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and Harbor Homes, Inc.

-Access to long-term affordable, permanent supportive housing to 31 low-income HIV positive individuals and families who are at risk of relapse into homelessness, through a collaboration with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Nashua and Harbor Homes, Inc.

-One-on-one support and case management, so that 138 local NH households living with HIV gain and maintain access to health care, anti-viral medications, affordable housing, nutritional food, substance use and mental health counseling

-Access to income and employment through specialized education and training for individuals living with disabilities and chronic illness

-Education about HIV/AIDS to hundreds of community members who are most at risk of contracting the disease through a collaboration with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

As a result, Task Force clients experience superior outcomes when compared to their counterparts in other parts of New Hampshire and the Boston, MA metropolitan region, including:

-Overall better health through greater health maintenance of primary medical care and improved mental health status

-Overall greater quality of life through increased access to psychosocial support, greater self-sufficiency, and improved housing stability.

Please visit our Discover page to view client testimonials, read our annual report and learn more about how your donations help local community members. Through many options to donate practically and effectively, you can be an agent of change in the lives of some of New Hampshire’s most vulnerable children, adults, and families.

On behalf of all the 138 HIV-positive NH community members in need that rely on the Southern NH HIV/AIDS Task Force each year to avoid homelessness, maintain good health, and achieve sustainable independence, we thank you, our donors. Without the support of individuals, local businesses, and foundations, none of this would be possible


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