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I start Tivicay tonight and was wondering if anyone has started this new drug as well? Side effects are suppose to be minimal which i'm looking forward to, switching from Isentress.

Hi Cluff, welcome to the forums!

Tivicay is the brand-name of the much-awaited dolutegravir. As far as I know, you're the first person to be prescribe this new med in these forums. Congrats!

A lot of people are very excited about this med - it's slated to become Sustiva's replacement as a preferred first-line treatment. Without the Sustiva side-effects. (It's also not in the same class as Sustiva.)

It would be great if you kept this thread updated to let us know how it goes. Thanks!


PS - what other meds are you on? Truvada? Kivexa?

Thanks for your reply Ann. My Dr. said I'm the first patient to try it in the clinic other than her patients she has had in a clinical trial. I have taken Truvada and Isentress for about 4 1/2 years, switched to Stribild in June 2013 - not a good pill for me. I have been back on the Truvada and Isentress for about two weeks again and remember why I wanted to switch, terrible headaches and diarrhea. My labs are good - VL undetectable  CD4 - 700 CD4% - 49 The side effects have just been the unpleasant part.

So we will see how the Tivicay works, hoping for the best! Took it last night around 10pm and so far it seems to be just fine! My Dr. said to expect a little nausea the first week until my body adjusts to it. There is a little nausea present but nothing to complain about. All I can say so far is SO FAR SO GOOD!

Miss Philicia:
I see my doctor on Sept. 10th and mostly likely will be switching from Isentress to Tivicay as this plan was previously discussed with him several appointments ago. I'll let you know when/if it happens.

Yep  I have appointment next week. I'll be switching too.
Keep us up to date


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