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Jus tested poz last thur scared and ashamed. Any advice?

P.m. 34 yo female married 3 kids.

Welcome to the forums.  A support system plays an important part of dealing with this virus.  These forums function as a main portion of that for many.  Opening up and sharing what you're dealing with will help with providing feedback and encouragement.

We all have lots of thoughts and available advice, but being more specific can help us address your concerns and fears.

Best Wishes

Scared about treatment and how my blood levels are, and also about  being here for my kids.  Side effects of meds CD. Ashamed poz n how to tell husband.

Hi Snicole, welcome to the forums, and sorry that your positive test result has brought you here but you are amongst friends.

Firstly, you've made the first step to ensure that you are here for your family. Now that you have this positive result you are in control for the future. Your doctor will support you medically and ensure that every step of the way is clear for you. We are lucky that today medicines are so effective and there is sure to be a combination that will suit you.

Blood tests and their results are just numbers. They are important as an indicator, a medical indicator, for your Doctor. Numbers are relative but important. Your Doctor will explain the results to you, and if you are unsure ask questions - they are there to help you.

I've not been in the position to have to tell a current partner of my status, but in doing so you are being honest and ensuring that, if needed, they also get access to a test and medical help. This way you are caring for them and protecting them.

Medical first, then emotional.

I hope you find the strength to speak to your partner and are able to gain the support and love that you both need at this moment. And of course we are here for you



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