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I think there are as many ways to survive HIV as there are people with HIV.  Its not right to generalize about HIV treatment in ways that are misleading or confusing to the newly diagnosed. 
A common question is: "How long will I live with HIV?"  Well, as long as you can!  But people want concrete numbers like 20 years or something.
Another common question is: "How long can I go without taking HIV drugs?"  Well, as long as your CD4 counts are normal and viral load is near or undectible. Could be 2 years 10 years or 20 years.  Like Ann said, if you are a long term non progressor, for a loooong time. 
I waited 24 years for the shoe to drop.  It finally did this year.  I am now taking a new HIV drug called STRIBILD.  Once a day pill.  But how lucky was I that I never had to take those awful drugs like DDI or AZT.  !!! Very lucky.
Hey, it is what it is.
Never become complacent about your health, check bloodwork regularly.

You know bear, with people like you and me after so many years, research really should be done on "why the shoe drops" after such a long period of time. It might be of benefit and prevent others from being clobbered over the head!

'Surviving' seems a really uninspiring goal but I'm having fun 'living with' HIV. Maybe one day I'll evict the defacto (that pesky virus hasn't been paying any rent or utilities).
I'm far more focussed on living well with HIV than living long with HIV.


   Hi Bear  :)

     I went almost 20 years  for the shoe to drop  ???

    I have know guys in my state of Missouri to die of AIDS in 5 years !
   This is here and now , Not back when the doctors were killing people
  with AZT !  I have no idea why some people can go a L O O O O N G  time
and other the virus eats them up .

    I was fortunate enough to work until I was over 50 , Being POZ from about 1981 was not a good thing , But I survived it until the good MEDS came !
   My friend Dale went 19 years , monitored every month . Two years on MEDS
and He is DEAD ! 
   The drugs ate him up  :'(

     I feel sorry for the guys that think we are OK because we have lasted over thirty years with HIV !
   Having AIDS is not fun thing for me .   I would give up everything to be " NORMAL " again !

                                 Just babbling ,


Harley...I still have my vices, girlfriend. lol


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