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Impact of Chia Seeds on immune system


Hi All,
Is anyone taking chia seeds?does chia seeds have impact on immune system or on hiv? I have heard it is having good energy booster propery and is rich in omega.It also helps in weight reduction.let us share information on effect of chia seeds along with its side effect on hivers.

the only thing that impacts HIV is HAART medications. so you won't see any viral load change because of chia seeds. you're also not going to see a direct change in your CD4s because of chia seeds.

so while Chia seeds may have nutrients etc which strengthen your system, the best thing for your immune system, besides eating right, exercising, getting enough essential vitamins and nutrients, is to remain adherent to your meds, so that your immune system can recover and flourish when not under attack by HIV.

so the gist of all this is that chia seeds have the same effect on pozzies as they effect anyone else. You'll get no anti-HIV effect whatsoever. To be honest, this answer is basically the same as with any vitamin or supplement. All that stuff may be good for you and make you healthier and happier; but they all have zilch effect on HIV.


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