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New in the community....

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Thank you all for the warm welcome. It is really good to know not to be the only one (again...).

Ted, you are right, he will be tested, he has already fixed an an appointment with the doc on Wednesday.

So yesterday evening he prepared a nice dinner and I started on my "vitamins", my new friends... the night was ok, a bit of an upset stomach, but not too bad. But then I guess it is early to think about the side effects...


Just a short update after 2 weeks on Eviplera / Complera.

But first the good news: my partner/husband tested negative!!!  :)

I have now been 2 weeks on Eviplera. So far I have been lucky, no side effects. I am taking the pill with dinner. Even though the original recommendation said to take it with at least 500 cals, in Europe the recommendation is to have something to eat like a slice of (real) bread with butter and ham or something like that. I am trying to have a balanced dinner. So far it worked, I only had an upset stomach twice.

One side effect seems to be that I am more active, but this could also be a result of the new situation which I am still trying to comprehend. I had cut back running in the morning to 8km 3 times a week but now I am back to 10 to 12 km.

I tend to forget a lot of things, concentration is not really good. But again it seems to me to be more a side effect of coping with the situation rather then the pills.

How do I cope with my work? This was one of the most important questions for me when I got the diagnosis on August 16. I have the responsibility for about a thousand employees and was concerned that being HIV+ could interfere with my work. So far nothing has happened to make me feel that I am not up to the workload. I am not open about being HIV+, as this has nothing to do with work. I guess a lot of newly diagnosed have the same concerns, but with today's medication life seems to go on as before. I have a couple of friends with diabetes, the impact on their daily life is a really different story.

Overall the first weeks have been good, I have read a lot of the stories and experiences in the forums. Esp. the experiences of the LTS have been giving me hope and trust in life....

Another week and we will be off to British Columbia. First 2 weeks up in the mountains, back to basic life and then the last 4 days in Vancouver... Looking forward to the break....


Hi Lukas.

Great news about your husband!

As far as work goes, if the side effects remain minimal I don't see any reason for concern. I'm on Truvada and Isentress so I can't comment on your meds but often  the side effects are mild and temporary.

Wow, you're an active guy! The last time I ran 8km was, um,... never. And now you're headed to the mountains of BC. Have fun! :)

Welcome to the forums!



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