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Hi All,

I am happy to have found this community. During the last 3 weeks I have been doing a lot of reading in the various forums and the discussions gave me a very positive push.

3 weeks ago (August 16, 2013) I was diagnosed HIV+. After a couple of infections during winter and spring I decided to do again a complete check up. For this I also decided to switch doctor. The new one did a very thorough exam and recommended also an HIV test. The following 3 days I started to be quite sure, that the test would turn out positive. Even though I did follow all safe sex rules in the past I was not convinced of not having been stupid from time to time…..

On Friday, August 16 my doc called me and asked if I could drop by to discuss the blood results. I was in the middle of a business meeting and had stepped out to take the call. I had dreaded this message but at the same time I felt - strangely enough - relieved.

The doctor broke the news to me in a very kind and assuring way, he had already contacted the best specialist in town and had fixed an appointment for the following Monday. We discussed the numbers, which had to be yet confirmed and the options of therapy. Numbers are: VL 77,7k, CD4 356, 32%.

I have to admit, that my knowledge on HIV was almost nil, focused completely on safe sex, but nothing more. Regarding therapy and living with HIV I have been in complete denial mode for the last 30 yrs.

I drove home to my partner and it was not easy to tell him the news, as he was not aware of my visit to the doctor and my health concerns I had had over the last months (we always put it on the work load etc.).

We have been together for 10 years, married for 3 years. But I was not sure how he would take it. He listened, kissed me and told me not to worry and to remember always: for better or for worse…. I was so happy…

Today I will start my therapy with Eviplera. I am a bit scared, as I am not sure about the side effects. But time will tell.

I guess I have been positive for a couple of years. This is now helping me to carry on, as in reality nothing has changed compared to pre August 16. Work has become difficult as I can not focus on the “little” problems we might be facing in some of the projects. On the other hand it is a good distraction. But I am happy to live in a privileged world where access to medical treatment is possible and where I am not beaten to death because I am gay.


Hi Lukas,

I cant give u any advice, because im new to this myself.

Just wanted to thank u, for sharing yr story. Yr husband sounds great - very good u have eachother :) and a very sweet story.

The best i can say is to be adherrent with yr meds, and have healthy and possitive lifestyle.

Best of luck from Denmark,


There are a lot of similarities in your case as were/ are in mine. Just wanted to say that I am on meds since Mid May and have not really had any side effects....

Your story sounds so similar to mine...unlucky...
Pretty same way to diagnosis...
Pretty similar CD4 numbers...
Waiting to start meds next month...

Good luck!

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but welcome to the forums.  This is a great place for info, and community.  It is great to hear your husband is supportive.  Btw, has he tested?  If not, he needs to be. 

I wish you all the best, as you navigate through all this.  Keep in touch.



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