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negative hiv test after 12 weeks, but symptoms .

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Hi guys

first forgive me for my poor English, I think you are doing a great job here  :).
to my story:
I had sex with Csw(unknown hiv status),first we had deep kissing then we had UNPROTECTED oral sex, I was the receiver for about 2 minutes ,I saw no blood, just saliva on my penis. after that we had protected vaginal sex, for about 5 minutes I ejaculate in the condom then I pull out, No anal sex at all.

I thought that was a safe sex, but after about 5 weeks I start to have strange symptoms, actually I was very sick I had( very high fever , very bad night sweats , soar throat , Tonsillitis with white patches on it, whit tongue , fatigue , shingles on my trunk , loss of appetite , I lost around 14 kg of my Weight , very bad Diarrhea , joint and Muscles pain especially my legs I could not stand and walk,stiff neck, very sensitive for light,and a lot of symptoms).
after that I decided to test so I went to a lab and had Elisa 3rd gen hiv antibodies test.... it came back (negative 0.03).that test was 10 weeks after exposure(72 exactly)... so I decide to follow the rules so I wait another 2 weeks and I had another hiv test , it was Eclia hiv antibodies test... I was very certain that I will be positive... but also this test came back negative that was after 12 weeks (85 days) after the exposure. I also had Hepatitis c and b test (negative), Syphilis(negative), Cmv it came (IgM   negative ; IgG   positive ) my doctor told me it was an old infection.
so am lost now, I am planing to retest at 6 month mark..... which will be after 2 days .... my questions:
1- Is my sex was safe?
2- Is my symptoms hiv related ?
3- Is my tests conclusive(10 and 12 weeks after exposure)?
4- should I test again at 6 months? and if I did can I expect negative result?

forgive me for my long story :-*. and god bless you.

Jeff G:
You never had a risk and didn't need to test over the incidents you provided . If this is your only concern 3 months past the incidents you described then you are conclusively HIV negative .

The symptoms you mentioned are not HIV specific and in light of the fact you never had a risk they cannot be associated with an HIV infection . If you are feeling ill , go see your doc again and find out whats going on , its not HIV .

Use condoms correctly and consistently for vaginal and anal sex and you will avoid HIV . 


thank you jeff G for your fast reply  :)
I am really afraid and alone in this. I did not feel well until now. I searched a lotand did many tests.... and I can not find any thing...I am afraid from the unprotected oral sex.
what you advise me... I will have another test in the couple next days ... can I expect a negative result?


Jeff G:
You cant get HIV from getting a blow job . There is only a theoretical risk from GIVING blowjobs , meaning this doesn't apply to you and you didn't have a risk theoretical or otherwise . 

No risk is just that , you did not have a risk and you can stop worrying . Since you didn't have a risk there is no need to test again over this incident , you have already tested negative and do NOT have HIV . 

There have been no fewer than three separate serodiscordant couples studies (where one person is HIV positive, the other negative.) These couples were tracked for three. five and ten years. The couples used condoms for penetrative vaginal and anal sex, but NO BARRIER at all for oral sex. Any kind of oral sex.

These studies yielded NO infections. 

hi jeff G  :D

I just want to post my 6th month test result....
it was negative  ;D OHOOOOOOOOOO....... thank you for your support.

I want to say something:
 symptoms can not tell you any thing.... if you want to know your status, go and get a test.... I almost have all the  symptoms but I am negative  ;).
and always use condoms and always believe Jeff  ;).

thank you guys. and god bless you.



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