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Has anyone else notice the constant, inconsistant changes with the purchasing of Sculptra? This company has changed its policies from how the price, to how many times you can get it thru the patient assistance program numberous times in the past 2-3 years. NOW, seeing I have to purchase the product out of pocket, you would figure. . . no problem. . . but they have now told my doctor that even purchasing out of pocket, i can not purchase just one kit (at around $1000 a kit) but i have to purchase 3 kits at a time. Their reason for this was that they dont know what the product is being used for. . . .wait, what?? If it can ONLY be purchased BY THE DOCTOR whether or not being paid out of pocket, why is it their business on what its used for and wouldnt LOGIC be that its being used for what its intended for if its being ordered THROUGH THE DOCTOR??
There needs to be a law suit against this company making it near impossible to obtain the product now because of their unethical changes in policies.

SOOOO. . . has anyone had luck with another product like Radiesse that does just as good for around the same price??

Miss Philicia:
Yes, I've had problems with them since the company change and the patient assistance program. I'm now pondering just foregoing the entire process and having my face slowly sink in again -- actually that process has already begun as my last "touch up" of Sculptra was back in May 2012.

i participated in a study for newfill/sculptra and testified to the fda advisory committee in wash dc for it's approval since it was the ONLY thing avail at the time - but I would recommend that you SAVE your $ and NOT do it.  it did not last.  i did a series of 16 different sessions of injections of sculptra over a 3 yr period and it looked good but it did not last.  microdroplet technique used with ocular grade silicone and artefil are the only things that are worthwhile.  artefil is good... but pricey, so silicone may be better choice depending on the the amount of volume that is necessary.  I see a dr in dallas that has quite a bit of experience with this - they are out there... seek references from other pos folks, maybe the gay community will have a resource for this... good luck

There is a patient Assistant program through MERECK. The product is Radiasse.  They go by the same guidelines  as sculptra. And the only cost is what the doctor charges.  I just re-sent my application. It's every 3 years with one touch up inbetween.


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