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Scared to death....... melanoma?

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Diagnosed and meds in july. I have blond hair and have small moles all over my body. but they have always stayed the same size and color. now iv got one on my foot that is growing and is the size of a nickel. after detail research on the internet it matches all the qualifications of melanoma. and the news of hiv and melanoma combo is grim to say the least. i c the doc on wed for cbc and c what he has to say. anyone have any experience w/ this?

Melanoma lesions usually have irregular borders and are often of mixed color, that is, dark and light areas.  They are also usually flat, not raised.  I would get it checked out ASAP.  Melanoma is nothing to mess around with.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

well the good news is if any.....this is raised. what scared me was therez a lota of stuff on the interenet bout hiv accelerating melonma. w/ the way things have been going some good new seems unlikly.
thanx for the reply

     I had what I thought was some sort of scab on my head where the hair has thinned considerably and tried picking it off; but it bled and came back. It was painful when I applied pressure.  I finally went to the dermotologist in Sept., had a biopsy performed and it was diagnosed as skin cancer - the 2nd most common called a squamous. Anyhow, I just had it removed last Wednesday, (10/18). It really wasn't a big deal as they injected lidocaine into it and I didn't feel a thing as they scrapped and dug it out (sounds worse than it was). It is painful and sore now, but the dermo said if I didn't have it removed it would grow larger and get worse and eventually affect my organs.
     Oddly enough I have an irregular black mark on my back that I was more concerned about and was told that it is nothing. 
     The bottom line is that i would have the mark(s) looked at and if necessary have them removed. Better to be safe than sorry.

     I forgot to add that the dermo said he didn't think it was HIV related.  More than likely it was from sun exposure throughout the years. Now I'll  have to wear a hat and a very high SPF whenever I'm in the sun for extended periods.  Not a bad idea anyhow


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