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Hey I'll bite.

If a person is recently infected and starts meds at age 32 - barring other events - they should live to be about 120, at the current rate of aging.

And they will likely never develop advanced HIV disease (AIDS) and will only have to worry about budgeting for a pill a day and doctors appoinrments twice to three times a year. Well, until the pills that are taken once a week, or treatments that come along once a month are released. Oh, and until the functional cure.

In other words, you had no risk, and HIV is no longer the boogeyman.

You will have to find your Divine Punishment somewhere else. Sorry. We've pretty much taken care of this one.

*modified to add:

Also please stop using double condoms. Latex on latex will create friction that can and wil make them both break. One condom is more than sufficient. You do not have HIV.

Jeff G:
Using two condoms is a HUGE NO NO . You condoms actually fail at much higher rate if you use more than one at a time , they are designed to be used that way .

If you continue to use double condoms you are eventually going to be back here posting about a broken condom incident and having to worry another 3 months for an HIV test .

If you cant accept that you didn't have a risk there isn't much more we can say to change your mind . 


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