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Just nervous have alot of anxiety


Here is my problem it might sound dumb to some but it is got my mind racing about 6 years back i was with my cousin and his friend and we went to a hotel with a girl froms craigslist i didnt want to do anything cause i was talking to someone at the time. But i ended up fingering her for a minute or two not sure if my finger was cut or what not. I was scared i got up and washed my hand immediately so then i got a test in july of 08 it came out negative i been with my wife now for 7 years we practice unprotected sex with only her I am not a iv drug user i was wondering if i ever needed a test again can i get hiv from that this is all in my mind cause a few weeks back i drank someone elses water at the gym by accident and then i scratched myself on gym equipment that friday so my anxiety is bringin up all these thoughts please advise thanks very much. one more thing if the fingering could have posed a risk what type of cut would it have to have been

Andy Velez:
Fortunately doubts and fears aren't facts and there is absolutely nothing in the facts you are reporting of that experience that would have put you at risk for HIV.

There is no need for testing nor for further concern on your part.

Just for your knowledge in general, the only confirmed risks for the sexual transmission of HIV are unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse. As long as condoms are used for those activities you would be well protected. Since you seem to be in a securely monogamous situation I don't see any need for condoms nor concern on your part.

Just get on with your life.

Thank you very much Andy

I know it is stupid and i think i have to see someone for my anxiety issues for some reason i had in my mind if you had a cut or something on your finger it could be transferred and that is the anxiety on my part thanks for taking your time to read and respond.

Jeff G:
As Andy pointed out , you didn't have a risk . It should make you feel better to know that no one has ever been infected with HIV in the manner you are concerned about .

Tell your doctor about your anxiety and get some counseling if that's what its going to take to move past this no risk incident . 


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