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jerk off with HIV+'s cum

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hi guys, im very anxious and panic right now.
i did mutual masturbation with a guy who has HIV+, ( i didnt know back then)
im using a silicon base lubs, and near the end after he cum, i took it(not all) and put it on my dick and jerk off to finished, as far as i remember, my dick didnt have open sore. but im really scared to death, can someone tell me if im in risk or not ?
will ii get hiv from this action T.T

Jeff G:
Hi Babo . HIV is fragile and is instantly damaged to the point that its rendered unable to infect when exposed to oxygen  . You didn't have a risk and no one has ever been infected with HIV in that manner .

These are the risk factors for HIV to watch out for ....

Sharing IV drug needles immediately after use.
Unprotected anal and vaginal sex.
Mother to child during or shortly after birth
Very specific healthcare situations.

Use condoms for vaginal and anal sex consistently and correctly and you wont have to worry about HIV .

Mr. Jeff G
Thank you so much for your fast reply, it put my mind easy a little bit,
but how about the mocus membrane on my foreskin and urethra? im just a little bit afraid in that part, people say hiv virus can enter it, and i might give like 12-15 second before i put it on my penis, does this 12-15 second make the virus inactive?
and after that i continue jerking off for about 3 mins before cum.

Thanks you and sorry for troubling you,

Jeff G:
No one has ever been infected from using cum as lube . Its not in the list of risk factors because its never happened . HIV is far to fragile to infect in that manner .

I would recommend testing at least once a year for HIV and all other stds whether you think you had a risk or not , some stds can be present without symptoms for quite awhile and are much easier to transmit than HIV .

You didn't have an exposure for HIV so you can put that fear aside . 

to Mr. Jeff G
thank you so much! your opinion mean so much to me,
now i can put my mind back to normal state,

have a good day ^^


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