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thanks for all the advice. I've figured out work visas for Berlin since I have a potential full time job lined up in there (as of today!). Might be a good entry point for me. Subsidized healthcare may not be an option, but I will still research alternative insurance policies. I was once a member of the freelancers union in NYC which was a decent insurance program for consultants, not sure if there is anything like that elsewhere, but will look.

Jeff G:
There may be insurance options I'm not aware of but ALL of the country's that I personally researched this past week would not pay for anything that was a preexisting condition until a few years down the road . I hope you give us an update on what you find out ... please  ;D.


I bet if you have a work permit and/or resident permit to be in some European country, you might very well find a more optimistic picture, as to access to subsidised health care. 
My response was based on the idea you weren't trying to be legit in Europe, just passing through for a year.
I hope that Berlin job works out for you!  You might find, after a year experiment,  that you enjoy working and living for the long term, in a country where having HIV is less financially difficult to manage... Still complicated, of course, but for the time being less complicated than in the States, for example.

If you have a valid work visa for EU you can get health care and medication almost free in most countries, I live in NY but know that in Sweden for example you get the hiv Meds incl Atripla free and other Meds you pay maximum SKR 2.000 per year that's around
$390,00 max for the year.


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