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Hey All,

I tested positive Jan 16th. The way I was told was rather irresponsible, my doctor called me over the phone and told me while I was at work. I was shocked that she did that I have since switched to a better doc. Me and my partner are positive and both on Stribild. I was previously on Complera which gave me the worst gastrointestinal issues. My partner was on Atripla which gave him bad dreams and a burning stomach. Both very happy with our choice.

We've come to terms with what has happened and living life as usual. We haven't told anyone and kept it to ourselves. Sometimes we need people to talk to in our same situation.

Life has been different but at the end of the day we look the same in the mirror.

Jeff G:
Welcome to the forum marcmoral16 . I'm glad you found us . 

Welcome to the forums, although we always say we wish you didn't have to be here.  News over the phone is a tad unusual.  Docs usually want to do that in person.  I suppose if someone's labs were very dire, I could see doing it over the phone.  I mean, if the doc needed you to go immediately to the hospital, due to some serious O.I.  Did she even ask whether you were someplace private, where coworkers wouldn't hear?  And, some companies record all calls.  Not to mention most would be very upset and would need to leave work.  Coworkers would be curious what was wrong-- whether a family member died.  It would cause someone to come up with a lie.  And, many cannot just leave work, or they would be disciplined. 

In any event, what's done is done.  I'm glad you have a doc you are comfortable with, and that you and your partner are doing well.  I haven't told family and friends either.  Well, my brother and his partner know, because a nurse outed my status.  I have my partner for support, and for now, that is good enough. 

Keep on touch.


The sad part is my original doctor didn't ask any questions as to if I was alone or willing to hear news over the phone. I had to lie to coworkers to leave I was so upset, but my manager wouldn't let me leave so I had to tell her. I left in tears and when I came back all the questions. I was so angry with my doctor more so then my diagnosis. What if I was in the middle of the street and stopped and never moved.

No O.I at all ever.

But I digress and I've accepted what happened has happened.

First, welcome to the forums.  I'm not sure of current protocols for revealing tests results for HIV, but I certainly wouldn't want to find out in this manner.  Back in the old days, we were told by health department grief counselors as we were being given death sentences. 

Perhaps doctors now a days view HIV as manageable and therefore see it as no big deal?  Not sure, but it's still not a way that I'd want to find out. 

It's great that you and your partner can be supportive for each other.  I couldn't have imagined being alone after my diagnosis, dealing with it by myself.



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