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Can I learn anything from my initial viral load?

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I appreciate the responses.  I guess it was more out of curiosity then anything else.  I am now undetectable but was just trying to figure a couple things out.

But agreed, life goes on.  The past is the past.  I go again next week to follow up on the latest blood tests.  Hopefully I am still undetectable and my iron levels are coming back up.  My last visit a few months ago was when I found out I was borderline anemic.  I've been eating more meat and taking my iron so hopefully things are better.

Now I guess I better get busy with a snazzy signature for my posts eh?   ;)

HEHEHE  Ah shucks Lisa, Thanks!!!! ::)

Hi Stang,

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!!!

To answer your counts question.......................  What "R" Said!  He is Uberalles, when it comes to these questions.

To the other issue.  Hell man, please let this curiosity about the source of your infection go.  The virus is now yours anyway, as now it has your own DNA patterns programmed into it.  Funny thing though, now is the time that you start to exercise those thinking patterns that will learn to accept that YOU are the master of your virus, and it is not YOUR MASTER.  This pattern of think, will place many more long and productive days in your life-bank.  Start today, this virus is just a viral protein, nothing more, nothing less.

Please make sure you are getting loads of animal protein, and I mean plenty.  This is just about the only way we can be super proactive in the struggle to keep our bodies strong, and in fighting mode. 

Finally, I cannot resist placing a few "Stang" Shots here for your pleasure.  This one is available and I would be glad to answer questions via PM.  It belongs to my sweetie, and lives with us in Southeastern Arizona.

In Love and Support.

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Wow, thanks for the kind words!

And the pics, oh my!!!  She is damn pretty.  Well my name came from the days when I thought I could afford to race.  Dad was right when he said I couldn't but I tried anyhow.
I had an 83 5.0 fully race prepped that I ran at PIR and Firebird.  I miss those days as racing seem to come quite naturally.

I guess you could say I still have a pony in The Garage.

1995 Ford Bronco

Hi Stang,

I know exactly where that above picture was taken.  I work in PHX and live in SAN.  Welcome to the forums.  And, Moffie, is right, when, where and who is not important what is important is what you do now.



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