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Can I learn anything from my initial viral load?

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Welcome to the Forums, Stang!
Hope to hear more out of you in the future.

(Off-topic, but I've gotten so many tickets at the Buckeye speed trap, I'm sure I've put every cop's kid thru college by now).    ;)

Welcome Stang. I was diagnosed the 13th of october, but I know I was infected in july 2002. The analyst made me a PCR. A test that measures the amount of HIV antigen p24. My count was 23 (a negative count was under 0,25). She said she believed my infection was 2,5 or 3 years old. She was right!

Howdy Stang,

Welcome to the family! Like the others said, no sense worrying about who or when. Just take it from here. It sounds like you're doing that.

By the way, I'll second the voices heard earlier - great pics.




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