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is there anyone else out there like me?

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GrlPozX and snicole
Welcome to our forums.

Michelle 8)

Welcome, ladies.  Though I am a grandmother now, I had a very young child when I was diagnosed.  She was only 5.  Now she is 29.  Plus I have three grandkids!  Never thought I would live to see grandchildren when I was diagnosed.

Please continue to post.  We're here!


Welcome ladies.

Like Betty I'm a grandmother (and a great-grandmother) so no young kids, diagnosed 11 years ago so my kids were all grown up by then.

As Betty said the ladies on the forum are here for you and will always be happy to chat, inform and on occasion be your sounding board, because it's better to vent than to keep it bottle up.

Look forward to hearing more from you all.


I'm also of a "certain age" (lol) and the only reason I'm not a grandmother yet is because my daughter hasn't given me any yet. I waffle between wanting her to get on with it already, and thinking she'd be mad to bring any children into this crazy world and its economic mess. I know her father feels the same conflicting emotions about grandkids. That said, I'll still be thrilled when she finally starts a family. She has kids "pencilled in" for the near future (in four years, maybe?), so watch this space!

I was diagnosed when she was nearly fourteen, and she's 26 now. I've actually been poz since she was ten, but I only knew that in hindsight. She's a school teacher now and doing well, despite all my ... let's say "baggage".

You both have no reason to think you won't also be around to watch your children grow up to adulthood and start their own relationships and possibly even families. If there are grandkids on the cards, you'll be here to dandle them on your knee and hand them back when they need changing. ;)

Keep posting, ladies, you're more than welcome here.

Hugs to both of you,

Ann---Don't feel bad my mommy has two kids (me and my brother) and no grandkids from either of us and since I am 48 and my brother 44 she be getting any either.   ;D
She does have a a granddaughter from my step-sis.

Does my dog and cat count as kids?  After all they get spoiled as much as most kids do.  Poor mommy all she has had from me is grand-pets. ;)

Michelle 8)


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