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is there anyone else out there like me?

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Female...heterosexual... married has kids...newly diagnosed? Just wanting go connect with someone

Hi tippy
I am female hetero, not married but living with my partner. No kids yet.
Welcome to the forums.
Hope you will find a lot of support here. I am sure one of the mums will respond.

Welcome to the forums.

I'm a straight female.  No kids and no plans on any, no husband, or boyfriend anymore either.  I was diagnosed in Jan. of 2011.

As Karry said you will find support here. 

When in a downy type mood go to the "off topic" segment there is usually something there that will cheer you up or at least put a smile on your face.  It usually works for me.

Michelle 8)

I'm newly diagnosed. My husband too. And I am a mom. I need friends.

Also newly test poz last wk  :( husband and 3 kids.


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