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--- Quote from: satsgurl84 on September 10, 2013, 06:24:56 PM ---CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO DELETE THIS POST ALL OF IT I WANT IT TAKEN DOWN ALL OF IT

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately we can't delete threads (which I assume you mean) because they might actually help other people. What we can do, and what will happen if you decide to stop participating in the forum, is that the thread will quickly sink past the front page and become more and more obscure in searches.

I get the impression that this might be a disclosure issue? Someone you didn't want maybe tracked you down via this site? There might be ways to change your screen name to something else if you'd like. Perhaps if you PM the other moderators, they can help.

I do know it's not generally our policy to delete threads or to "disappear" people from the forums. But I also know that Ann and Andy and Jeff are compassionate people who will do what they can.

Take your time getting back your mojo after the shock of an HIV diagnosis.
Its not all doom and gloom.
Plenty of opportunity for a new love - maybe HIV+ maybe HIV- .  Real love is built on a lot, and everyone has baggage of some sort.
In a nutshell, drinking is self-medicating for the storm and stress of the diagnosis. Don't expect it to be a long range solution. Yes it will dull the stress today.  But you know what you got to do to really deal with this news.... 

Well I found out that I am Hiv + well before finding out for sure, I was sleeping with a guy throughout the time I was waiting for my test results. :-\ So my question is it a high risk that he could become Hiv + now. :'( I am a bottom so the guy was a top and sadly but yes it was unprotected sex.  ::) It was after a night out of drinking alot and we both met each other at the bar and kept in touch after. But it was only that one night but we had sex about three to four times that one night. ??? I really dont want to tell him because he knows where I live work school and kind of puts my safety at risk because he could flip out or get drunk like he always does, act out against me.  :-X

Also I heard that a persons body does just become hiv+ over night that it could take anywhere from 5months to year ? :o is that true? Well I hope I can get some answer because this guy still contacts me just through text. I haven't really wanted to see him anymore because of all of this.  8)
--- Quote ---Secrets have a cost, they're not for free
--- End quote ---

Single Ts girl just looking for guy friends that can relate with the new life change, maybe help me through it. :o If your in the same city? send me your chat IM  :-\


We only permit one account per person here and having and using more than one account is a bannable offence. However, since you're new to hiv and need support, I'm giving you the benefit of doubt that you meant no harm.

I have disabled your two newest accounts, Hopelesslove and Hope4newlife. If you wish to participate in these forums, you must use your original account, satsgurl84.

If you create or attempt to create yet another new account, we will have no choice but to permanently ban you. Please don't do that! We want you to have access to the knowledge, love and support available here, but you must abide by our rules.

If there is a confidentiality or other problem with the screen name of your original account, send me or Jeff G a PM ASAP to let one of us know what name you would like it changed to and we can do that for you, no problem. If/when we change your screen name, all your previous posts will show the new name and there will be no record of the original. Please let us know. 

--- Quote from: hopelesslove on January 24, 2014, 12:28:23 AM ---
Also I heard that a persons body does just become hiv+ over night that it could take anywhere from 5months to year ? :o is that true?

--- End quote ---

In a word, no.

The vast majority of people who have actually been infected will seroconvert and test positive by six weeks, with the average time to seroconversion being only 22 days. A six week negative is highly unlikely to change, but must be confirmed at three months. The official testing window period for a conclusive negative result is three months to catch the rare person who takes a little longer than six weeks to produce enough antibodies to trigger a fully positive antibody result.

It can take anywhere from a year or so, up to twenty years (or more) for someone to start becoming ill due to hiv. However, this has nothing to do with antibody production. A person can be without any symptoms or problems due to hiv damaging their immune system, but they will still test hiv positive by six weeks following initial infection.

The insertive partner is at a lower risk for hiv infection, but he has had a risk and he does need to test. He should be testing regularly anyway.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need your original screen name changed.



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