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unexplained symtoms...7 months negative ELISA

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I received an unprotected oral sex from a sex worker on 03 march 2006 (no vaginal or anal sex) which I believe was hiv+(no anal or vaginal sex). After a week I felt very tired all the time and I had a sore throat so I went to a doctor which gave me amoxyllin 500mg 3 times a day but that did not help me and till now I have recurrent pain in my neck and throat which sometimes is painful but sometimes it feels like it is stiff and sometimes pain in my muscles near armpits and in the neck. I also now have what is called geographic tongue after exposure,also my tongue is always white and if I brush hard the white coating gets removed.
One month after my possible exposure I went to the STD clinic and got all my possible STD tests done which included (syphilis, chamlidya,gorraehia, HIV1,HIV2,Hepatitis C) but all came back negative. But my problems persisted so I got another antibody test done at 2 months which also came back negative. After that I got a swollen armpit in the third month which hurted me a lot for couple of days and finally I got tested for hiv at 3 months, which also came back as non-reactive. Then I went to India and I had severe pain in my neck and throat and I again got tested in India at 5 months mark and the reading of elisa test were .02 and .03 .After that i also had elsia after 7 months and it also came back negative.

My problem is that I have few days when I feel that something is wrong with my body and I feel very tired and also there is pain in my neck and throat which comes and goes and I also found some hairs grown on the back of my tongue and it really worries me a lot .One more thing, I also have small pimples on the chest and also red red and pink blotches and thet have become lately very itchy and they are there for last 6 months now and I think it is "Seobrrachic dermatitis”. I am really scared of hiv and I really don’t know what really my problem is i.e late seroconversion or other subtypes..I am afraid as these symtoms are not going away. My lymph nodes also gets swollen for 3 or 4 days occasinally, sometimes under the jaws and sometimes in the armpits and sometimes in the groin.Also thrush is getting worse.Please help ...

Andy Velez:
Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It's way past time to stop with the HIV testing. You were never at risk for transmission from having received oral sex. There's never been a case of transmission in that manner and you aren't going to make history by becoming the first.

For reasons unknown to me you are stuck on the idea of HIV being the issue when you have no basis in HIV science for that. And most certainly not after having repeatedly tested negative for the HIV virus.

If you continue to have troubling symptoms that's something to discuss with your doctor. Whatever is going on has nothing to do with HIV.


Actually i was perfectly fine before that incident, actually i was a national level swimmer and after that incident i am not at all feeling well , i.e lot of muscle aches and pain in all the parts of the body and i had done testing for all the STD's but i am really worried what is wrong with me as nothing is showing open, i think my WBC count will be low and i am thinking of taking a CBC test.What r ur suggestions Andy.

Andy Velez:

You were absolutely not at risk for HIV in this situaiton. There is no need for HIV testing nor for futher concern.

What you need to do is discuss your symptoms in detail with your doctor so that he/she can make a diagnosis of what is really causing problems.

Whatever it is has nothing to do with HIV even if your mind is telling you otherwise. Your fears have no basis in HIV science. Period.


Thanks Andy, i really appreciate what u guys are doing here, may god bless u all. I was really worried about HIV(because i went to an ENT specialist and he told me that u have to keep ur fingers crossed as he has found people to seroconvert after 8 or 9 months and i was really scared) , late seroconversion and now atleast i one worry is over i.e "HIV". I think i acquired some kind of auto immune disease during that exposure.Do u know any disease with similar kind of symtoms i.e thrush and yeast infections on penis, etc.


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