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Took quality health care for granted...Now Im seeing the other side of the coin.

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From 1992 to 2000 I saw one of the top AIDS doctors here in Philly. When he retired I saw an associate of his who was just as good until two years ago when he left the office I was visiting. He left for a reason. The place used to have a clinic day once a week. Now every day is clinic day. Im not a snob I just don't like sitting in a room built for 10 people that is filled with 30 street people. I don't think it is to much to ask to wait in a waiting room that doesn't smell like a restroom at a football stadium. I have had a few health problems the last couple of years which were handled horribly. Now its time to find a new doctor for the first time since I tested positive in 92. WISH ME LUCK!!!! lol

Jeff G:
The answer to your question is if you don't like your clinic go find another one . We live in a country where medical care is a privilege and not a right so if you cant hang in a room and share the oxygen with the less fortunate then go somewhere you wont be offended .


Jeff gave you a gracious answer.  You may not know this but I worked with "street" people and my heart always goes out to them.  No matter how they got where they're at, or how they're living, they deserve quality medical care. 

With my clients, there's one, who unfortunately is incarcerated now, but when he's out he prefers to be homeless so he can use drugs over paying rent.  Do I treat him different than my other clients?  No.  I transport him to the doctor, and sit with him when he gets his exam.  I want to make sure he's treated with dignity. 

Whether or not you can stand "street" people, you have to realize they're human beings.  Instead of being offended, you should count your lucky stars you have a place to sleep that's not an abandoned building.  Too often street people are automatically judged, when, if you think about it, should something happen to our incomes, we would also be "street" people. 

Sorry for the rant but I don't like to see the homeless being degraded.  THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS!


--- Quote from: BT65 on August 18, 2013, 05:01:53 PM ---

Sorry for the rant but I don't like to see the homeless being degraded.  THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS!

--- End quote ---

This wasn't a rant at all.  When I came home early this morning from working way too many hours, this was one of the first threads I read and I couldn't even log in to comment.  You and Jeff were way more gracious than I was going to post.  I always have Ann's hammer in the back of my mind. ;D

Had I been in a large city with few friends and no family during my last illness, I too would have ended up one of the "smelly" people with not many options.  I was fortunate to have a great family who provided assistance until I could get healthy.  Without them, who knows?  For the first time in my life, I was flat ass broke and didn't have a place to live except with family.

I'm truly glad the OP has other options as it appears many of the others don't.  So to the OP, perhaps you'll do them a favor by moving on to lessen the burden on them?

One other aspect that originally returned to my mind was of the entire "good AIDS" v's "bad Aids" thingy that many of us remember.


Im one of the less fortunate but I know how to take a bath every day. The people you know who would rather take drugs then pay rent are called drug addicts and you'd be doing them a greater service to let them hit bottom then enabling their lifestyle. Not liking the stink of filth does not make me some kind of monster who doesn't want to "share oxygen" with the less fortunate.


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