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The habit of living like time's running out?

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--- Quote from: moxieinme on August 18, 2013, 08:15:21 AM ---So I'm enjoying my health. But still can't quite believe I might be in a rocker in 20 years.

--- End quote ---

Oh! Unlikely a rocker! If I were to speculate, a sling  :)

Given that with a controlled viral load there is virtually no difference in life expectancy for Poz folks contrasted with Neg folks.... well time's running out for me but at the same rate as any other 51 year old who doesn't smoke, eats well and gets regular exercise.

Nice words of wisdom all. I really did lead a busy and successful life my first decade or so of HIV, despite crude meds and dire warnings. Even the first few years on LTD had ups and down, sometimes looking optimistic at treatment results, then falling back into caution with treatment failures. That's why I remained reluctant to chuck LTD out the window.

I am fortunate that in my early years I planned carefully to make sure I maintained good health coverage and always had a good LTD plan as backup. My hope for the future is that these resources aren't limited to the privileged few.

But I hope I didn't give the impression I'm living in fear or hopelessness. On the contrary, I have learned many valuable lessons through my Poz experience, lessons about myself and the world. I love my life, even the challenges, and I don't take for grated how fortunate I am to have my health, a home, a good community, and even grey hair. Not to mention the miracle of loving souls who appear and bring magic to our lives.


--- Quote from: Fisher on August 26, 2013, 09:29:13 PM ---Oh! Unlikely a rocker! If I were to speculate, a sling  :)

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A valid speculation, Fisher.  :-*


I am so glad that your are happy and living your life, dealing with your past issues and current issues as they arise. That's the sign of a man choosing to live his life, rather than go stale and whither.

If we were ever to meet, the first thing I would do would be to give you a capturing bear hug, to acknowledge the pain and struggles you've experienced. But more important, to hug you, to let you know that you will never be alone again. That you have a friend for all times.

We've all gone though great pain and struggles, fears, anxieties and sorrows. But these things are all just (and perhaps very necessary) shadows, giving us perspective and identity and appreciation.

Now in all our lives comes the full light that cast those shadows, so that we could actually distinguish between light and shadows of light. There is no such thing as darkness, just limitations of light.

Were I ever to meet you, my jaw would drop, and my smile be constant, acknowledging and understand the burden of your past travels, and likely, with hope and anticipation, welcome with full heart and being the opportunity to walk along side you into the future.

You are a wonderful, good man.

No rockers. No slings. We are not afraid anymore. Standing strong now.


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