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That's great. 

I see my new doc for the first time at 2:00 this afternoon.  Since I go to a medical-school affiliated clinic I change doctors every 1-2 years.  Today I have to/get to start "breaking in" a newbie.

I'm not expecting any hugs either.

Hope this brings you some much needed relief.  5 years is a long time to suffer if it's controllable.

Best wishes,


LOL Darry I'm certain you'll be a firm but fair trainer.

I'm envious of you finding a doc that will address your chronic pain issues. I'm in excruciating pain as type as my doc is of the misinformed opinion that I just need to buck up.

Because there is only ONE HIV doc in the VA where I'm located I'm stuck with this prick. Attempts to go outside the system is met with stiff resistancefor a variety of reasons, and I'd be shopping for 8 different docs.

I understand it is frustrating for practitioners but my Dad, who fought AML for 6 years before succumbing was never in as much pain as I've been in-for as long as I've been, yet because it was cancer he was well medicated. When will these AHs catch on?

Hope you get  some relief on your pain.

My shoulder 'injury' has turned out to be 3 distinct issues. I've been referred to an excellent physiotherapist and thing have neen progressing well.

Big Hugs


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