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Glad to hear.

I'm progressing too at times and at other's regressing. Like running a marathon for 30 years straight and we've all been in the same race. Hopefully they'll be at least a functional cure before we hit the finish line.

I think the plethora of issues we faced is a daunting task for physicians and patients alike. It doesn't help that the folks post HAART haven't lived long enough in general to have gone through what we have been through and we have that rosy response," HIV positives will live a normal life span, etc, etc," without addressing the  quality of life issues I've seen on this forum. Now we have ID docs practicing in essence Geriatric Medicine, something for which they haven't been trained for.

And we're in a sense training them for their future patients.

Hugs to you and to all.

Hugs Mishma,

I think it's like in "Through the Looking Glass", we have to keep running faster and faster just to keep our place.


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