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taking multivitamin and pro complex gainer, r they safe with Atripla?


I've just been poz for a few months, started taking atripla last month and no serious side effect besides some really minor dizziness for an hour (if I don't keep myself active, if I do then i barely feel anything). Also I go to the gym a lot, bodybuilder before all of this. SO I am taking One Day Pro Edge multivitamin (listed in the drugs I take, the doctor never said I couldn't so I assume it's fine), also I take Pro Complex Gainer (for more detail info:, so I wander if it's safe to take since I am taking Atripla everyday? Also I do take the Whey protein from Walmart too.

I too have been poz for a few months and would have a similar workout back round ( bodybuilding) but right now i am not receiving treating. Although It is likely that i will start on atripla very soon. I am currently taking serious mass gainer from the same range of optimum but has a much higher sugar content than Pro Complex which in excess has adverse affects on the Liver and kidneys because of the higher load of im guessing while on arv drugs it would be best to cycle gainers to lessen stress on the liver...

Glutamine is an excellent supplement that is beneficial even more so for us poz.

please correct me if i am wrong i am also trying to devise a plan for myself that sounds very similar to yours ohayo0o0.

Hey, mind if I ask you guys about using weight gainer? I'm currently using Kaizen new zealand whey. It's super clean and cuts all the crap out of the content and uses stevia leaf as a natural sweetener instead of sucralose.

It's only 100 calories but I add a banana, skim milk, peanut butter and oats. I end up getting about 600 calories anyway.

When I first tested positive last summer and saw the HIV nutritionist she just told me to be careful about supplements and try to keep things as clean as possible.

I've thought about using weight gainer but trying to go with her advice.  Wondering what benefits you have seen with the ones you are using as opposed to something that I'm going with. Open to new suggestions.



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