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Hey Alan, So glad to hear that it wasn't the ordeal you thought it might be. I HATE DENTAL WORK but it's a necessary evil.

Hope your summer remains cool. Well, cool for the south anyway.

Hi gang,

I'm doing pretty good these days.   Not too many complaints, aches and pains.  However, it is TOUGH as hell for me to get up out of the bed on workdays.  I've always hated getting up in the morning though, so I think that's an "Alan thing" and not a LTS thing.   :P

My urologist added Finesteride (Proscar) to my Alfuzosin (Uroxatrol) for my BPH earlier this summer.  I don't  think it was helping, but I have noticed that I have become EXTREMELY nauseated all the time.  I haven't had to deal with that in quite awhile!  I inquired about it, and was told "Oh, it couldn't POSSIBLY be that, it can't make you nauseous".  So this week, when I set up my drug box, I left the Proscar out.  So far, I have had ZERO nausea.  I wish I had a doctor (as I did for 18 yrs) who would LISTEN to what I say, and take me seriously.   As it is now, I am almost 'afraid' to bring up problems, because they are going to try to paint me as a hypochondriac, or a doddering old fool.  So I mainly keep my mouth shut.   Right now, I would like a referral to an ENT, for these HUGE knots/lymph nodes in my throat and neck, that aggravate me quite a bit most days.  But I've already been told "oh everybody has a sore throat, it's allergies".   ::)

HUGS TO ALL, hope you're having a good summer!



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