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Confusing article about resistance to HIV meds

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I don't see how what Life2 is saying is controversial at all.. there have been numerous studies on low-level replication and also proof that some men have detectable VL in their semen, often with various mutations, even when undetectable in blood (yes I'll provide the link if requested).  There ARE reservoirs that current meds don't touch, and that's just the way it is.  However, in practice, staying undetectable does seem to render resistant mutations to a 'statistic' that doesn't cause us much worry.  My doc also said I could probably stay on my regimen for the rest of my life, although I've just switched to Stribild for a few reasons, but not because of resistance.  So there is no reason for hysteria but also no reason to get upset at someone simply responding to a query with accurate science.

Of course there is replication.
Of course we should all adhere to our combos and keep fighting.

The pushback is about "one-size fits all articles" that make generalisations that make it seem like today's combos are failing in a few years.  2-3 years.  NOT. 

Or the other claim that some HIV+ are simply "un-fit" to stay undetectable and doomed to die of AIDS.  With no explanation as to exactly who these treatment failures are and their backstories.....

This is 2013.  Most of us got the message - stay adherent and be cautious but optimistic.  Combos last for years now.  Maybe decades.  And new ones are on the way. 

One-size fits all generalities about living well with HIV with casual throwaways to scary stories of those who don't manage to, are NOT constructive.   As we are no longer a one-experience population....

TO BE CLEAR, i am not arguing that replication doesn't go on.  I am not dying that some people experience treatment failure.  But then what? Go on to another combo, and no more failure?  Or failure. Then another failure. Then salvage failure.....   Highly atypical, if adherence or some coinfection isn't the issue. 

Since many of us have doctors who have told us to expect near normal life expectancy, we can assume that factored into that is the expectation of decades of viral suppression with effective haart. Maybe not the combo we are on on in 2013, when its 2035.... 

My only point is that these articles can be misread and lead to fear.  That is all.. 


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