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Need info on finding new insurance


I am very lucky to be receiving health care paid for NYS Dept of Health through the APIC program but it is very expensivie!! They are paying for it and will continue to do so but the cost keeps going has increased by $500 every yr! I just spoke to someone last week from the dept of health as had to update my info and he even said it was expensive..its $3000 a month and so am afraid that they will eventually stop paying!! I want to find new comparable insurance that doesnt cost as much!! Does anyone have any info or websites to use!

JR Gabbard:
Hi yogalover!
Your COBRA policy is ending, and APIC, who was paying the premium, can't pay it any longer.  Therefor, you are stuck with a huge premium.
The new health exchanges will start taking applications on Oct. 1 this year.
If you meet the income requirement (less than about $49,000/yr net), you will qualify for assistance to make your premium affordable to you.
Start with the ACA website to find a policy
Then go to the NY state exchange website for more information.
Best of luck!

I'm in another state so I not sure if this would apply to you.  I was on a state run insurance plan and starting July 1st of this year I was transition over to a federal plan.  This plan is call the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) although it appears they are no longer enrolling new persons

There is a link on their page that is directing people here:

hope this helps

Miss Philicia:
From what I recall when I was on APIC, and going by GMHC's benefits section on line, you can stay covered through the APIC program as long as you do not qualify for Medicaid or meet the eligibility for AHIP. As far as I recall it doesn't have anything to do with COBRA, because I remained covered in between COBRA and going on actual Medicare. I think it's something like AHIP is for non-Medicaid ADAP qualified individuals up to 185% of federal poverty level, and APIC covers individual between 186% and 435% FBL.

I recall being presented with two plans with wildly different premium amounts. I asked about it and they said by law they couldn't make me take the cheaper one, so I took the pricier coverage because it meant my co-pays were less. I agree it doesn't make much sense.

I don't know your economic qualifications but if you qualify for adap they can then pay for your health insurance as long as it have both medical and pharmacy in same insurance. They did that for me 2 years before I got Medicare.
Good Luck


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