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I guess everyone here will be happy

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--- Quote from: fearless on June 06, 2006, 06:54:15 PM ---I'll be happy when y'all get rid of your nuclear weapons ;D

--- End quote ---

It's a great thought, But certainly won't happen in our lifetimes. Besides all this dirty bomb and "nuculer" threat, I often wonder where the next "Chernoble" (SP) will be.

Sad state--------Ray

Nuclear bombs don’t bother me. Religious zealot, idiots bother me.

Terry (who knows what he’d do with one of those bombs.)


Guns don’t kill. People kill!

what if the religious zealot is a moslem iranian whackjob who has nukes? Cause thats what we got.
just as the delay in attacking iraq enabled saddam to move all of his wmds to syria, this delay trying to appease the iranians will only let them build their bomb. Same as with Korea.
We need to attack Tehran NOW. Every minute we wait they get closer.
These are the people who killed two people last week for wearing shorts, you figure what they will do with any real power. Thank God our president is spending time and capital on gay marriage. WTF is going on?

Let's not forget that the only person/country to use nuclear weapons thus far was not a religious zealot or crackpot.
Whether you like it or not, the rest of the world fears the US and it's weapons of mass destruction. You can hardly blame your sworn enemy from trying to obtain such weapons especially when you have already threatened to use force to get them to accede to your demands.
I don't want Iran to get nuclear weapons but I can hardly blame them.

Yes,we used atomic weapons to end a horrible war against an enemy very similiar to  our moslem enemies. Japan hated us because we were appeasers,because our soldiers surrendered when defeat seemed certain rather than fight to the death,because of our culture, because of our color.
Japan committed atrocities beyond belief against the Chinese and our US pows. They raped,pillaged,murdered Chinese civilians. It was not uncommon for them to eat their dead. They ate dead US soldiers and kept some alive,taking body parts as needed for food.
They were an enemy, like the our moslem enemy,who preferred death to surrender,and found glory in their own death.
We burned Japanese cities to the ground using propane bombs. We killed more japanese civilians in a two week period prior to dropping the bombs than those bombs killed. We also bombed German civilians. WE WON. That is how you win wars. Your enemy has to believe that you will do them one better, that you are willing to do whatever it takes.
The ultimate result of that war and those bombs was peace. Yeah, it was horrible, but its was the only way to win and the only way to peace.


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