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Your assaults on other cultures are not easy to take. Especially if one is from antoher culture or has friends who are.

--- Quote --- It was not uncommon for them to eat their dead. They ate dead US soldiers and kept some alive,taking body parts as needed for food.

--- End quote ---

This is ridicolous and shows disrespect for a whole nation and a very long standing culture of high ethics.

This is below anything I have read in a long time. I cannot believe that someone is remotely justifiying a nuclear attack because their enemy at that time were eating your soldiers. This is just beyond and below everything.

And stop the wmd story. It is wrong and Bush already excused for that. Face it. The war is based on untrue stories. Only a few people still believe this lies...

--- Quote ---These are the people who killed two people last week for wearing shorts
--- End quote ---

Letīs not forget that in your country people have been killed only because they were black....

Itīs not about fingerpointing but about putting things into perspective.

Jake, educate yourself, wisdom is power. And do not only use fox.



dark, you really should read some history on the pacific wars that japan started with china and USA.
They were animals. A rite of passage for each new Japanese soldier upon his arrival in China was to behead a civilian. The examples of japanese torture and eating of US pows are only to show the ferocity and evil of the enemy we were fighting. US lost more soldiers in single weekends on some pacific islands than we did in the entire vietnam war. We were fighting an enemy that did not believe in surrender. We made them believe.
Its very difficult to have an intelligent discussion with anyone who thinks that the US was in the wrong for defeating Japan and Germany with whatever means were available at the time.
Japan and Germany are now allies of US and very prosperous and productive countries, because they were defeated by the US. NO I AM NOT SAYING WE NEED TO NUKE ALL OF OUR ENEMIES.
As far as WMD in Iraq, Clinton,Kerry,and most Dems were on record as late as 2000 saying Iraq had them and would use them.  WMD is not just nukes, it is also chemicals and bioweapons.
Fox?? You mean as opposed to the cbs,abc,and nbc?  I read books. I dont read newspapers or magazines. I watch tv for entertainment,not for news or facts.

hey Jake,
I wasn't passing comment on the US actions in WWII, just making a statement of fact.
It wasn't just the US fighting the Japanese enemy in the Pacific, you were doing it side by side with your Aussie mates, so I know of the appalling treatment that both our POW's suffered at the hands of the Japanese. I did not realise, however, that rumours of the Japanese eating POW's or soldiers had ever been verified. I'd be interested to know if you are able to substantiate that claim. That aside, however, their treatment of POW's, the Chinese etc was appalling. They carried out some of the most inhumane treatment on POW's and disgraceful biological experiments mainly on the Chinese - if you believe the conspiracy theorists, the Pentagon paid the Japanese handsomely for the results of these experiments.
Many see our partnership in the Pacific at that time as a turning point in the Australian psyche. Our motherland, England, had deserted us and left us to fend for ourselves in the Pacific even though many 1,000's of Australian soldiers were fighting the war in Europe. Many say that it was not until after WWII that we really stopped thinking of ourselves as part of England.
If not for the entry of the US into the Pacific war who knows what would have happened to Australia. The Japanese bombed Darwin repeatedly, and three Japanese mini-subs infiltrated Sydney harbour and lobbed a few bombs our way. The Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942 when US and Australian forces untied to repel the Japanese was fought within a few hundred nauticle miles of Australia's north eastern coastline.
We have much to thank the US for.
I just don't like nuclear weapons being used by anyone.

A re-freshment course in history:

"The U.S. policy of cultivating Hussein as a moderate and reasonable Arab leader continued right up until he invaded Kuwait in August 1990, documents show. When the then-U.S. ambassador to Baghdad, April Glaspie, met with Hussein on July 25, 1990, a week before the Iraqi attack on Kuwait, she assured him that Bush "wanted better and deeper relations," according to an Iraqi transcript of the conversation. "President Bush is an intelligent man," the ambassador told Hussein, referring to the father of the current president. "He is not going to declare an economic war against Iraq." "

=>So....the U.S. practically gave Sadam the green light to invade Kuweit.

Read below, and weep.



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