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My boyfriend is hospitalized with severe symptoms related to HIV.

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Hi all, this is my first post so bear with me. Recently my bf of one year was hospitalized after he suddenly began losing function of his motor skills. Doctors identified cerebral swelling or scars that were several years old. His CD4 count is at 200, he can speak few words and has a hard time processing thoughts, he cant walk without assistance and cant write. They attributed all of this to HIV and also called it a "wild virus" which I have never heard of. His parents didnt know and are telling me he didnt know either.

His family has been very supportive of him and our relationship, however, they're not letting me know details of his condition. Were not married and I understand their need for privacy but hes my partner who I love dearly.

My questions are: based on the information I have, is there a way to know how truly serious (its  already is very serious) this is? Although familiar with HIV I am unsure of where he is or what to expect.

We always used protection and I have tested negative since I found out his status. He always told me he was negative but I never saw test results. I just trusted his word. Does the swelling/scarring mean hes had it for that long?

Any help or advice is appreciated. Our world has flipped upside down and Im looking for comfort. I've spent the past few days piecing together our year and have only gotten myself into an emotional mess.


I am sorry for what you are going through CND. My bf has suffered from severe AIDS-related issues for years now and at his worst, he had a CD4 of 10 with an astronomical VL. He also had a huge lesion on his brain and was suffering from severe paranoia, hallucinations, and personality shifts. We honestly thought he was lost to us forever. The docs switched his medications up, and his CD4 climbed, VL went down, and his brain fog cleared up and he was home with us after two months in the hospital.

There is no way for you to know how serious the HIV is. If he was unaware of his status and was not on medication, then as soon as he starts taking medication, he could bounce right back. Keep a strong support system with you. I pray everything goes well.

cnd - Its hard to be shut out of the loop by drs. and family. Hopefully, when your bf gets better he can authorize someone on staff to talk to you about his condition.  Somehow, not knowing is worse than knowing what is wrong. I hope you get some information soon.

I'm not qualified to discuss the medical issues but I'm glad you found the forums. I'm sure you'll be able to get some good information here.


Thank you both. Its been difficult and its only been a week.

This is a scarey time for all of you. I hope the brain swelling goes down soon.

'Wild-type virus' refers to HIV that doesn't have any resistance to the anti-retroviral drugs. If this is what they are referring to then treatment options are wide open.

I hope things go well for you, your partner and his family.

My thoughts are with you.


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