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ex boyfriend wants to know my full results

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my first problem.  Its a different day and a different situation again. It looks like each day i have to cope with a different scenerio since i tested poz and its really freaking me out.  I have disclosed to my ex boyfriend that i am poz and he thinks he has control over me.  The reason why i got tested in the first place was because of him cheating on me.  I did not blame him or anyone for my poz results.  I have been to my Dr and he has done the full test and am getting the results next week.  My ex boyfriend wants to come with me my for the results.  He has not been tested and he is saying he wants to find out what is going to happen with me and because we used to have unprotected sex together he has to know.  I dont regret testing poz and i have the courage to move on with my life.  Does he have any right to be with me for my results.  I do not need his support because I can cope on my own.  I thought just telling him that I am poz was good enough not knowing that its gonna cause commotion.  I am not happy at all with him coming.  Surely testing poz should not mean that anyone has control over my new life.  Am I being too hard with him?.  Can someone help me deal with this situation. 

Hi 27,

No, your ex has no right to insist on being there at your medical appointments - he wouldn't even have that right if you were still together. If you don't want him at your appointment, tell him so. What he wants doesn't matter, it's what YOU want.

The only way he is ever going to know his own status is by being tested himself. You've done your bit by alerting him to the fact that he needs to test and you are under no obligation whatsoever to do any more. He sounds like a bit of a control freak, to be honest. ~shudder~

Hang in there... and don't be afraid to stand your ground.


No. Definitely no.

He can get his own HIV test. He had his chance with you and he blew it big time.

You owe him nothing!

Take care of yourself first.


If you don't want him at your Dr's appointment then tell him NO! Its what YOU want NOT him!


Hi 27

I agree with the rest of the has nothing to do with him and he has no right to demand anything from you, you have been honest and upfront with him so it's up to him to organise his own tests, DO NOT let him control this or any other part of your life, you seem to be in complete control  and you have a good attitude towards how you are going to cope with this..don't let him take that away from you.

Jan :-*


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